Our services and projects stem from our mission: protection of life, help to the poor and to those with social problems, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religious and political beliefs; to strengthen a personal and collective sense of responsibility, to promote physical-spiritual-intellectual skills, to shape mentality.

Our vision is to bring slow but sustainable change, which is well rooted in the life of the communities and the beneficiaries. Therefore we put great emphasis on viable cooperation between authorities, public institutions, private institutions and civil society who provide similar services.

Partner 1, Săcuieni City Hall: it represents a community with 15% Roma population, which faces high poverty level. Together with the local NGOs the City Hall has developed a series of initiatives which aim to protect this population: creating a fully equipped medical office, buying musical instruments, asphalting the streets, creating afterschool type social programs, protecting the community in finding jobs in agriculture.

Partner 2, Cojocna Highschool which has a significant number of Roma pupils, (more than 100) and tries to assist them properly through social programs such as afterschool or kindergarten with extended ours, as well as through organising events which promote inclusive and interethnic education: School Otherwise, celebration of the International Roma day, etc.

Sâniob City Hall (BH)

„Petőfi Sándor” Highschool, Săcueni (BH)

Cherechiu City Hall (BH)

Suatu City Hall  (CJ)

Highschool Nr.1 Petreu (BH)

Diosig City Hall(BH)

„Tamás Gyula” Highschool, Mera (CJ)

Highschool, Suatu (CJ)

Highschool, Aghireșu-Fabrici (CJ)

Aghireșu City Hall (CJ)

Cojocna City Hall (CJ)

„Számadó Ernő” Highschool, Cheşereu (BH)

„Bocskai István” Highschool, Cherechiu (BH)

„Jakó Zsigmond” Highschool, Roșiori (BH)

Highschool Nr. 1, Diosig (BH)

„Toldy” Highschool, Sînnicolau de Munte (BH)

Tehnological School Nr. 1, Cadea (BH)

Curtuişeni City Hall (BH)

Abrămuț City Hall (BH)

“Gal Someş Transilvan” Association (CJ)

“Lumea ca Lumea” Association (CJ)