Advantages of enrollment:

  • The possibility of testing measures to integrate vulnerable groups
  • The possibility of elaborating a detailed study on the needs of local communities
  • Access to training courses for employees
  • Acquiring new experiences in solving problems of integration of the Roma vulnerable groups
  • Elaborating a sustainable action plan which would describe the strategic lines to be followed, but also methods and instruments necessary in the integration process of vulnerable groups and community development
  • Promoting the organization’s values and principles and increase its visibility on regional level
  • The possibility to share their experiences and results regarding Roma integration
  • Access to financing through concluding partnership agreements

The Obligations of the enrolled members

  • Appointing a maximum of 2 representatives to be involved in the network responsibilities and to participate at the study visits and workshops
  • Supporting the testing of the proposed instruments during the workshops
  • Involving employees of the institution/organization represented in elaborating action plans to promote social and economic inclusion of Roma vulnerable groups
  • Supporting the study in the community they are from
  • Promoting and support the network’s interests and facilitate the addition of new members
  • Involvement in elaborating the sustainability plan, as well as in the implementation of it and the action plan elaborated in the community

How to enroll

In order to enroll, please complete the entry form and submit it to

Download entry form HERE!